Google Back with Fourth Edition of ‘Web Rangers’ to Encourage Web Safety

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A contest launched by Google in 2015 for internet safety will have a fourth edition. Called as ‘Web Rangers’, the competition highlights the importance of cyber safety in young adults.  Students in the age group of 10 to 17 years can participate. Web Rangers is a global initiative, launched In India in 2015. This year will mark the fourth edition of the event. Google believes that Web Rangers is a good place for students to put their creativity to test.

Students to Choose from Different Categories

Students can choose between ‘Campaign’ or ‘Project’.

Choosing ‘Campaign’ lets students design and run their own safety campaign. This is either an individual attempt, or as a team of three. The campaign could be an awareness drive, social media campaign, or video series. There are no restrictions on the number of initiatives or format.

If the student opts for ‘Project’, they can work as an individual. Again, the format is open. The project could be a game, app, website, or video. The only condition is that users should learn to be a good digital citizen as an outcome.

Deadline for Web Rangers is 21 Jan 2019

Students have to submit their entries by January 21, 2019. Entries will close at 23.59 hours.

The Indian launch in 2015 comprised of student ambassadors from over 15 countries.

Each year, this competition sees amazing entries. Even this year, Google is sure that this year’s participation is going to wow netizens.

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