Glycomacropeptide Supplements Market : Industry Trends, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Overview 2019 – 2027

Industry Insights

Glycomacropeptide supplements are nothing but a superior purity of whey protein supplement. Glycomacropeptide supplements differs in its amino acid profile from other whey protein supplements and has higher number of branched chain amino acids, especially valine and isoleucine. Glycomacropeptide supplements are widely consumed by gym goers and muscle builders as the product claims to offer health benefit beyond basic nutrition. Glycomacropeptide supplements are known to have low levels of tyrosine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan. The demand for glycomacropeptide supplements are tremendously growing among the consumers all across the globe, owing to growing trend of muscles building. Glycomacropeptide supplements is also present in certain infant formula that contains whey protein. Apart from muscle building, glycomacropeptide supplements are also consumed by women for weight loss, resulting in the upscale in the sales of glycomacropeptide supplements across the globe.

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Majority of the young population are health conscious and are aware of the benefits of preventive healthcare. Various online forums and magazines such as,, Shape magazine, and Men’s Health magazines offer diet and lifestyle information, and provide regular updates in this regard. Similarly, manufacturers of glycomacropeptide supplements are promoting their products using various channels such magazines, online portals, and marketing campaigns to fuel demand for glycomacropeptide supplements. These marketing strategies primarily focus on new products offering enhanced effectiveness, safety and primarily, health benefits such as the ability to lower body weight, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure levels. This is expected to aid in glycomacropeptide supplements market growth across the globe.

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Europeans prefer high protein diet in comparison to populations in other regions. A European’s regular diet comprises more than the recommended amount of protein prescribed for maintaining ideal health. This has led to increasing demand for glycomacropeptide supplements in the region. Glycomacropeptide supplements have special applications in sports and bodybuilding. It is used to enhance muscles and improve athletic performance. When used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise schedule, glycomacropeptide supplements helps sportsmen and body builders to build lean muscle. It also helps to recover after a strenuous workout without side effects. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, consumption of a blend of high-quality glycomacropeptide supplements can prolong muscle building after resistance exercise, compared to whey alone, owing to increased amino acid availability.

The pure glycomacropeptide supplements also sustained a greater positive net amino acid balance than whey, suggesting there is less muscle protein breakdown during the time period shortly after consumption of a glycomacropeptide supplements. Moreover, with increasing awareness of consumption of protein supplement such as egg protein supplement, glycomacropeptide supplements etc. among consumers, manufacturers could focus on expanding its product portfolio by launching new and innovative products, and also focus on entering into mergers and acquisition with nutritional supplement companies. For instance, Glanbia, Plc. acquired two companies, Grass Advantage LLC and Body & Fit, protein ingredient manufacturers in order to enhance its business of glycomacropeptide supplements.

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