Global Warming

Global Warming to Cause Monetary Losses at Billion Dollar Level

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We never really paid attention to nature and the destruction we have caused to her. With our construction industries and emission of harmful gases, exploiting all natural resources, we made sure not to leave any stone in the hay. Natural calamities followed by destruction and loss of life and property is not enough. A recent warning has been given by the US government regarding climate change and its catastrophic effects. The U.S. government could suffer a loss of billions of dollars by the end of the 21st century.

The President Donald Trump had pre-released the Fourth National Climate Assessment on November 23rd and what lies underneath is not good news. As stated by the Director of Technical Support Unit of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the temperature at global level is greater than average and is accelerating by the day. It is estimated that the warning is for real and bigger than ever experienced.

Nature to Take Worst Revenge Through Widespread Diseases

A total team of 13 federal agencies with 300 scientists leading a team of 1000 members came together at the US Global Change Research Program. The conclusions of the second volume are more disturbing. The reason for the rapidly changing climate still remains unexplained.

Due to this change in climate the cost that we have to pay could reach billions of dollars at an annual rate as per the report. Out of all, tough days are to be met by farmers as climate changes would mean fluctuations in sun and rain or drought and floods. Not only that, heat pressure could also bring downfall in dairy production and ocean acidification, killing most of the corals and shellfishes. Mosquito and tick-borne diseases like chikungunya, dengue, and Zika are likely to spread at a faster rate, thus, increasing the rate of deaths of humans.

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