Global uptake of Agri-Business to Create Wonders in Fruit and Vegetable Market

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Sustainable agriculture technology or simply Ag Tech is the economic sector having the potential to completely reshape the global agriculture, largely increasing the production capacity of the agriculture system. It has the ability to completely reshape the agricultural scenario altogether. The prices of food has raised in the past few years owing to the multiplying number of population and their growing demand for food. Kenya’s Twiga Foods have been quite in the news very recently.

The main factor adding to the remarkable market growth is the direct connection between farmers and consumers that enables farmers to get best price of their crops without having to go through dealers and get less payment. This Kenyan company is seen to have raised almost about 10 million dollars in order to add fast-moving consumer goods and processed goods into its product variety.

 This platform was built by the startup so as to supply chain from the agriculturists to the markets directly. Twiga food products are now having the objective of scaling additional goods on its digital network. This network can also coordinate payment, pricing, logistics, and quality control all across vendors and sellers.

Twiga Foods to Benefit Farmers due to Direct Dealing and No Middle Retailer Business

At present, Twiga foods has a network of about 13,000 farmers and with 6000 vendors serving in about more than a 2000 outlets all around Kenya and Brooke.  Payment modes are not restricted like the olden days and can be transferred by the mobile applications like M-pesa mobile money. With the innovative product addition, Twiga is expecting to offer food products in a far more improved way.

The co-founder and CEO of Twiga foods has built a business to business platform in order to extend the growth horizon so as to produce a base. In simple terms it could be said that small steps are being taken in order to reach the summit. The CEO confidently stated that once the fruits and vegetables market are well established and popular, it will not be difficult to add up other food products like that of the packaged ones.

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