Global Organic Electronics Market to Exhibit 32.6% CAGR, fuelled by Growing Adoption of Organic Electronics among Consumers

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According to a recent market research report released by Transparency Market Research, the global organic electronics market is expected to take a leap at a CAGR of 32.6% during the period between 2012 and 2018. The report, titled “Organic Electronics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2012 – 2018”, states that the combination of OLED lighting, OFRID, organic photovoltaic, and OLED displays will propel the growth of the global organic electronics market.

The report points out that the increasing application areas have boosted the expansion of the global organic electronics market. Declining prices of organic electronics, coupled with improvement in performance, has led to their growing adoption among consumers. Government support and initiatives have paved the path for increased investments in organic electronics worldwide. All these factors will push the growth of the global organic electronics market. However, the report states that improvement in the materials and processes will restrict the growth of the overall market. Lifetime of organic electronics devices will also pose as a challenge.

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On the basis of application, the report segments the global organic electronics market into display market, organic lighting market, logic and memory, organic sensors, printed batteries market, organic photovoltaic, and organic radio frequency identification (ORFID) tags. The report states that the display segment holds the largest share of the organic electronics market and has been segregated into OLED display, electrophoretic, and other displays.

OLED displays segment is forecasted to value US$10,450 mn by 2018 and lead the overall organic electronics market. The increased demand for OLED displays can be attributed to their high-speed performance, low energy consumption, and sharp display features. Support for green products worldwide and rising OLED application in mobile phones and signage will boost the growth of the OLED display market. However, high manufacturing costs, coupled with low penetration rate of technology, will restrain the overall OLED display market. During the forecast period, the electrophoretic sub-segment is estimated to reach a valuation of US$3,950 mn by 2018, displaying a CAGR of 58.4%. Organic RFID tags and logic and memory segments will emerge as the prime focus for OE manufacturers.

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The report segments the global organic electronics market into four geographical regions: the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. In terms of revenue, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the overall organic electronics market with more than 50% market share till 2018. Europe will closely follow as the second largest organic electronics market.

The report profiles some of the key players in the global organic electronics market such as Evonik, BASF, Merck, Novaled GmbH, Heliatek, Sumitomo, Polyic, H.C. Starck, AGC Seimi Chemical Co. Ltd., Baer Material Science AG, and Fujifilm Dimatix Inc. The report also provides insightful information about the key players such as financial overview, product segment overview, growth strategy, and recent developments.

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