Global Meningcoccal Vaccines Market: Rising Demand for Halal Vaccines to Propel Market

Meningococcal diseases are highly infectious and tend to spread wherever large groups of people gather together. Outbreaks of meningococcal meningitis, caused by various strains of bacterium Neisseria meningitides, have been extensively reported during Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Outbreaks of the disease also occur after pilgrims return to their own countries. To prevent such outbreaks of the deadly disease that causes septicemia, meningitis, or both, the governments have made it mandatory for the pilgrims to take meningococcal vaccines before arriving at the holy place. However, earlier, due to religious obligations, the pilgrims could not take the vaccines containing materials of porcine or bovine origin. Introduction of halal meningococcal vaccines has addressed this issue.
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Menveo – The Halal Meningcoccal Vaccine 
Millions of pilgrims from about 160 countries across the globe gather in Mecca for the annual pilgrimage. Among the five strains of bacterium- Neisseria meningitides –A, B, C, W135, and Y, epidemics of meningococcal diseases that spreads during Hajj pilgrimage have been linked to strain A and W135. Since 2002, vaccination against strains A, C, W, and Y has been a compulsory requirement for entry into Saudi Arabia for the pilgrims. Menveo, the halal meningococcal vaccine, has been approved by the governments of many Muslim countries. 
Menveo vaccine offers active immunization against invasive meningococcal disease (except strain B) and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in persons aged between 2 months and 55 years. The vaccine is administered through intramuscular injection only. It is a conjugate vaccine effective for infants as well as other age groups, and ensures prolonged duration of protection. 
Religious Organizations and Governments Approve Halal Meningococcal Vaccines Much to the Relief of Pilgrims
Earlier, the meningococcal vaccine Mencevex, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline were found to contain traces of pig products which led many pilgrims to cancel their pilgrimage as such vaccines could not be administered owing to religious obligations. Mencevex vaccine contains porcine ingredients at manufacturing stage but the final product could be made porcine-free with the help of advanced technologies. On the other hand, Menveo, the meningococcal vaccine manufactured by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, has been termed halal by various religious groups as well as by the governments.

  • The government of Saudi Arabia has already approved Menveo as a halal vaccine for its people.
  • The Indonesian Ulema Council has certified the meningococcal vaccines produced by Novartis and Chinese company Tian Yuana as halal. The Indonesian health ministry had distributed Mencevex for long to the Hajj pilgrims till the usage of porcine enzymes was cited in the vaccines which led the health ministry to halt the distribution of purchased Mencevex vaccines worth US$3.0 million.
  • The European Commission has granted marketing authorization for Menveo products in all member states.
  • The Islamic Services of America has also approved Menveo as halal vaccine.
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Pharmaceutical Firms to Introduce Other Alternatives to Halal Meningcoccal Vaccine
The rising demand for halal meningococcal vaccines has emerged as a huge opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to enter into the Middle East market as well as the Sub-Saharan Africa belt, which is prone to meningococcal diseases. The global meningococcal vaccines market is expected to witness fierce competition in the near future, with several other pharmaceutical giants coming up with alternatives to the widely used Menveo halal vaccines.
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