Global Lignin Market’s Growth due to Utilization of Lignin in Numerous Niche Applications

Lignin is one of the primary constituents of wood and is utilized as a raw material. It is potentially obtainable in huge volumes in the Baltic/Nordic region. Lignin is a natural polymer and is the second most abundant polymer globally, following cellulose. Expansion of its potential in value-added products has numerous possible eco-friendly advantages and is beneficial for the economy as well. Lignin has the capability to replace petroleum products used in the manufacture of several objects, and this emerged as a big opportunity in the lignin market during the forecast horizon from 2015 to 2023.
On the basis of product, lignin can be segmented into kraft lignin, lignosulfonates, and others. Lignin is utilized as a dispersant, additive, and binder. Among these, lignosulfonates represented the biggest share in the global lignin market in 2014 owing to the increasing demand for lignin from the construction and building industry. These functional traits make it significant in a broad range of niche applications and this is the key factor stimulating the global lignin market. Transparency Market Research (TMR) explores these applications and their growth potential in the coming years:
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  • Activated carbon can be produced from various sources, and lignin is one among them. Activated carbon is utilized in a broad range of applications, such as purifying hazardous releases into water and air.
  • Lignin is utilized as a binder in various areas such as roadmaking, feed pellets and construction materials.
  • Carbon fibers derived from lignin have attracted huge demand in recent years owing to their immense potential to replace petroleum-based carbon fibers in products that are robust as well as light, such as aircraft, cars, and consumer electronics.
  • The utilization of lignin in motor fuel production is presently attracting huge demand.
  • Owing to their complex structure, lignin could be utilized to obtain phenolic compounds, which are further utilized in the production of a broad range of chemicals.
  • Lignin can be utilized to produce plastic materials. Its implementation on a small scale is already prevalent in concept cars as well as in the electronics industry. Polymers that are lignin-based are primarily utilized combined with materials that are petroleum-based, to raise the plastics’ biodegradability. Though the concept of utilizing lignin in plastics has been in consideration for a number of years, commercial breakthrough hasn’t as of now been achieved.
  • Lignin could form the basis of bio-sorbents for water as well as oil purification.

In terms of regional distribution of the market, in 2014, North America represented the biggest share, of over 30%, in the global lignin market. Asia Pacific is expected to experience the swiftest growth in the forecast horizon due to expeditious industrialization as well as expanding demand for automobiles and electronics. Huge availability of raw materials, along with decreased labor costs, is predicted to propel lignin production in Asia Pacific during the forecast horizon. 

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Key players present in the global lignin market include MeadWestvaco Corporation, Borregaard LignoTech, Domtar Corporation, Tembec, Inc., Domsjö Fabriker AB, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., UPM-Kymmene Corporation, and Changzhou Shanfeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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