Global Hosted PBX Market to Expand with Increasing Need for Alternate Telecom Technologies


The demand within the global market for hosted PBX has been rising on account of the need to maintain seamless telephonic contact across companies and organisations. PBX, or private branch exchange, is a virtual telephonic system for enterprises that allows them to avoid investing in expensive telecom equipments. It creates a virtual platform that be hosted at the location of the provider while connecting several entities within the enterprise to a telephonic line. This system is widely used across small and medium size enterprises with the intent to cut down on telecom expenditures. The connection between the service provider and the subscriber is established via IP.

Better Connectivity across Organisations

Hosted PBX is a cloud based technology that can be accessed by the users via a common line. Owing to the utility served by these systems, the demand within the global hosted PBX market is expected to touch new heights in the years to come. Employees can effortlessly work from remote location through the use of telephonic services provided by private branch exchange. Moreover, organisations can have all their conversations along a common platform through the use of hosted PBX.

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Growth of North American Market

The market for hosted PBX in North America has been rising at a stellar rate in recent times. This owes to the fact that a number of companies in the US hire employees who work from remote locations. Furthermore, the availability of such systems on public switched telephone networks (PSTN) has also created commendable growth opportunities within the regional market.

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