Ginkgo Highly Optimistic to Launch New Spinoff Motif as Future Food

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Ginkgo Bioworks, a company with a dream to become the biggest Amazon Web Services bio- manufacturer, has launched a new spinoff. Their latest spinoff, Motif Ingredients aimed at developing proteins which can replace meat and dairy proteins. Launching Motif is the second spinout for Ginkgo after successfully introducing Jyon Bio, developing a crop yields improving bacteria.

However Ginkgo’s move in introducing animal protein replacements helped alternative meat and dairy companies, who wanted to reduce animal husbandry. Ginkgo ensures the success of their new endeavor through adding $90mn in funding from industry insiders such as Fonterra. Furthermore, a longtime veteran, Mclntyre has said that there’s now an opportunity to cater the challenge in inadequate protein supplies. With the goal of creating proteins at low cost, Ginkgo’s Motif satisfies the craving for proteins of growing population.

Ginkgo is planning to provide design and engineering work along with some research and development work to their new Motif. Although many companies have already started outsourcing Motif since they considered Ginkgo as a trusted provider and best protein developer.

Motif Propelling Next Food Revolution with Affordable and Accessible Protein Ingredients

The renowned purveyor of traditional protein, Danone, made a billion dollar deal to bring venture investors and food giants together. Observing Beyond Meat, the company which proved market’s demand for protein substitutes, Danone wanted flocking startups for developing animal protein substitutes. Additionally with growing demand for solving the problem of animal husbandry, a major source of climate crisis, investors also thought of cultured proteins.

However along with providing a large protein supplement, the launch of Motif is also combating the causes of climate change. Motif comes as an ultimate choice for the consumers who are demanding for mindful food options.

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