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Game Studio, With No Hardware Experience, Builds Wireless VR Headsets

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We are experiencing disruptive technologies from the start of this century. Some of those are virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, and augmented reality. Those have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.

Recently, Slightly Mad Studios announced a new console with a high-speed performance for wireless VR headsets and 4K TVs. While such developments are commonplace these days, this one stands out because the company has no background in hardware production.

However, the company excels in Project Cars racing-game series available on consoles and PCs. And the CEO and founder Ian Bell clarified that no present console can provide 180fps content for VR headsets. He affirmed that these headsets would be available with Mad Box in any of the next-generation deal.

What are the specifications available in the Mad Box?

Bell stated that Slightly Mad Studios would not produce Mad Box. Instead, it would be done under a separate business altogether. He further added that currently they are considering 20 other hardware production groups for it. Bell asserted that good developers must take advantage of the cost-effective agreements that are in pipeline with Mad Box.

Currently, developers of Mad Box are trying to create wireless connectivity for their VR headsets. This could set them apart from the PC vendors using USB Type-C standard for upcoming VR headsets. Meanwhile, VR adapters are already available in the market from the past few years.  However, the team of developers are yet to figure out how to position Mad Box in the living room hardware. They are yet to discover its compliance with the operating system as well.

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