Food via Cyber Agriculture

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Agriculture, statistical data, computer technology, and chemical analysis combine together to produce maximum flavor from basil plant. This is a major step towards optimizing growth of food plants.

The scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology states that cyber agriculture will help in production and growth of medicinal plants and any other plants. As a result, plants like cotton will adapt itself to climatic changes and yield better traits that are favorable for growth.

Open Agriculture Initiative Process


Lead researcher at Open agriculture initiative, John de la Parra says that the term cyber agriculture means integrating numerous technologies can work towards controlling environment. Additionally, machine learning, statistical data, environmental control, and minute monitoring of plants are put together to produce quality crops with increasing the yield

A newspaper reveals that the scientists demonstrate a basil plant grows with computerized technology. Further, it results in better plant growth in terms of quantity and flavor. The researchers use a machine known as “Food computer “to produce such plants under open agriculture system. Here, we can program the plant growth at a specific light exposure at specific times. We can preprogram the plant growth in food computer system, under a controlled environment. The food computer needs to be set at a certain lighting and camera to enhance plant growth in such a static structure.

The plants grow using hydroponics method, without soil. Therefore, they do not need water to grow. The plant grows for 18 hours using photoperiod meas. This means the light panels are on for 18 hours each day. After five weeks, the researchers measure the plant is in terms of leaf growth and weight.

La Parra further says, this technology will have demand in the near future. Moreover, they want to be ahead in the global curve.

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