Food Technology and Research to Boost Crop Nutrients

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Considerable catastrophic impact is caused on the planet Earth by climate changes. The climate change negatively impacts the growth of the crop yields. This leads to decrease in nutrients in food staple like vegetable, rice, and legumes. This may lead to decrease in nutrients amount in human body, ultimately resulting in malnutrition.

According to a Agri-tech expert, the standard of the food quality is continuously decreasing every day. This is mainly because of several factors responsible for the change in climate which further leads to soil depletion. Also, increase in the level of carbon dioxide can be other important factor hampering the development of food crops. However, innovation in technology will likely help the agriculture industry in making their products more climate resilient, which is further helpful to offer food products with more nutrients in it. This can be another factor providing the world with more nutrients in the food.

Company Developed Food Technology to Help Diabetic Patients

One of the startup companies, Alchemy Foodtech also stated that food technology, combined with study of medicine and nutrition. Also, this helps in improving nutrients for people. The company has developed a technology which is 5ibrePlus that reduces the glycaemic index (GI). Food with less GI also proves to be beneficial in lowering the glucose level in the body. This technology may play significant role in improving glucose level for the diabetic population.

British life sciences company Phynova has recently developed the food modifier, Reducose, expected to be helpful for diabetics. This can be included to the food and drinks as it helps in inhibiting the body from changing carbohydrates into glucose without changing the taste and appearance of the food products.

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