Food Processing Equipment Market is projected to expand at 6.7% CAGR

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Technology and sustainability are the two trends that is foreseen to play a significant role in the shaping of the food processing industry.  In present times food processing plants are moving towards becoming a smarter entity. These plants are allowing increased flexibility in terms of production and are leading to efficient execution of work and production at all the levels. The global food processing equipment is expected to witness growth with innovative design and updated features. Integration of smart sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) in food processing equipment are resulting in remote equipment monitoring, maintenance and reduced maintenance costs. In-built sensors that are attached to food processing equipment also guarantee food safety and assist in the detection of any foreign material.

Some prominent players that are operating in the global potato starch market include names such as Bucher Industries AG John Bean Technologies Corporation, BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG, ALFA LAVAL GEA Group AG, NICHIMO CO., LTD, and Dover Corporation.

In the TMR report on global food processing equipment market, it has been forecasted that the market is quite likely to experience healthy growth throughout the period of forecast. The market is projected to expand at 6.7% CAGR during the forecast timeframe of 2017-2022. It has also been estimated that the market will reach a value of around US$ 70,510.1 million by the end of 2022.  global-food-processing-equipment-market.jpg

Accelerated Demand to Rise from Adhesiveness of Potato Starch 

Increased requirement for flexible equipment will lead to the need for automation to manage and implement systematic and organized carrying out of all operations. Minimization of maintenance cost, safety, and safety are some of the factors that are significant for the manufacturers of food processing equipment market.

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 It has been forecasted that players within the global food processing equipment market will strategize to establish their product line in the market by applying latest technologies and offering advanced features. With smart and eco-friendly technology becoming increasingly popular these days, manufacturers are launching food processing equipment that are energy efficient and come with reduced maintenance and operation cost. Existing food processing equipment companies are replacing their old equipment with smarter and greener equipment. This will substantially reduce carbon footprint of the environment. This step, in turn, is anticipated to propel the growth of the global food processing equipment market.

The rising awareness regarding the harmful effects of old, traditional machines on the environment will stimulate food manufacturers to adopt greener and newer energy-efficient equipment for food manufacturing. Energy efficiency is an important factor for food manufacturers as it brings down the production cost. Another factor that will drive food manufacturers to opt for the latest and energy efficient model is the growing number of initiatives taken by the governments. Introduction of tax credit programs is one such initiative that will motivate the manufacturers to adopt green technologies.

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