Flexible Features of Medical Composites Boost its Adoption Rate

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Composite material constitutes of two or more materials with different physical and chemical properties. Together they form a new material, which has entirely different feature, compared to the combined materials. The new material produced are less expensive, stronger, or lighter when compared to the conventional materials. Concrete, metal composites, reinforces, and ceramic composites are few examples of medical composites market.

These materials have wide range of application in aerospace, construction, automobile, consumer goods, and defense. Medical field has got wide application range for composite materials. It can be used in implants, diagnostics, surgeries, instrument materials, and artificial limbs.

Medical composites market is likely to witness lucrative growth opportunities in coming years.

Application of Medical Composites Improvise Medical Components

Medical composites constitute of wide array of components. The product range vary between components used in X-ray applications and composite bolts that help in supporting the bones, internally. These medical composites are used in equipment components such as state of the art carbon fiber exoskeletons and mammogram. Medical composites are available in various categories such as fiber composites, polymer-metal composites, and polymer-ceramic composites.

On the basis of application, the medical composite market is segmented into surgical instruments, diagnostic imaging, body implants, microsphere, dental, tissue engineering, and microsphere among others.

Medical Composites Aids to Provide Better Diagnostic Image

Using medical composited while manufacturing the medical devices helps reduce the weight of instruments. As body implants, they are finely positioned in body of patient. Also, it aids in providing better images while imaging diagnosis process.

Registering the quality of, medical composites are widely being adopted for imaging purpose and as components used in X-ray, PET, CT imaging, and MRI.

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Further, use of medical composites has resulted in manufacturing advanced dental material. One of the prevalent trend in medical composite market is growing popularity of the carbon fiber composites. Carbon fiber is widely used as diagnostic imaging components, surgical instruments, prosthetics, and composite implants.

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