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Flexible Data Sharing Could Speed up Battery Advancement

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In response to alarming climate challenges, battery researchers are increasing collaboration and data sharing. Recent advances in ML and AI are leading to breakthroughs in battery research. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are already using complex computer algorithms to describe battery performance, lifetime, and safety.

However, continued evolution of data science relies on high-quality and solid data far beyond the capabilities of any single organization. Top battery researchers world over, including the ones at NREL are participating in an ambitious program to accelerate development of technology via a shared Battery Data Genome.

“Meanwhile, battery cell suppliers roll out new battery designs after nearly every 18 months,” stated a research associate at NREL. However, it takes 12 months or longer for a system designer to classify a new cell for their application. The community of battery researchers need to speed up battery development and deployment for improved transfer of knowledge from one battery chemistry to the next.

The Battery Data Genome initiatives captures the deliberate focus, collaborative spirit, and urgency exhibited by the Human Genome Project. Like the Human Genome Project, the objective of Battery Data Genome is to increase data generation, collection, and storage with flexible sharing to speed up the development of new energy storage solutions to satisfy decarbonization objectives. NREL supports the Battery Data Genome project, which is part of an international consortium led by scientists at Idaho and Argonne National Laboratories, U.S. Department of Energy.

The Battery Data Genome seeks data collection through each step of the battery life cycle, from finding to development to production and all types of deployments. Data creation requires universal standard for data management for each segment of the battery community.

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