Fitbit opines Newer Trackers need to have Clinical Relevance

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Fitbit rolled out four new products among a host of trackers and smartwatches in the lineup. But, none of them are in line to compete with high-end devices like the Apple Watch 4.

Earlier, last year, Apple Watch 4 witnessed a number of upgrades, but the ability to detect atrial fibrillation was the most exciting of all. Apple Watch 4’s ability for atrial fibrillation can be life savior in the event of an abnormal heart rate.

To be in line with Apple Watch 4, Fitbit previously confirmed to incorporate a version of the former’s underlying technology for its trackers. However, none of the new trackers underpins technology of Apple Watch 4 for two reasons, revealed Fitbit CEO.

Fitbit aims Underlying Technology of Newer Trackers to have diverse applications

Firstly, the technology like the one that underpins Apple Watch 4 requires US FDA approval before incorporated in devices. Because of this, the company is unable to offer a clear timeline of roll out of trackers. Secondly, the technology when unveiled, the aim is to witness it work diversely as opposed to Apple devices, the CEO added.

If Fitbit trackers display atrial fibrillation capability, they should have clinical relevance. Individuals should not view it as a device merely for alerts, but recognize it that offers more, the Fitbit executive further added.

Nevertheless, the Fitbit executive endorsed the offerings of these technologies. The benefits of early detection of abnormal heart rate validated too. What goes against the technology is the number of false positives. This is something that unnecessarily raises people’s anxieties, some text criticizing the technology says.

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