Fish-Free Omega-3 Ingredients Market – Veganism to Drive Growth

Industry Insights

Salmon and Mackerel are witnessing an upward facing demand curve. And, a major reason behind this is growing awareness regarding health benefits associated with consumption of fish which is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, a critical component of healthful living. However, it is significant to note here that with the rise of veganism and vegetarianism, demand for fish free omega-3 ingredients is growing. This is leading to innovation in the market place and increased efforts directed towards a lookout for vegetarian sources. And, in turn, this is leading to a niche billion dollar industry.

Another factor that’s leading to growth in the global fish-free omega-3 ingredients market is the better bioavailability of vegetarian sources, along with a number of health benefits that accrue. This will lead the market players to a host of growth avenues, helping the market reach a higher valuation over the coming few years.

It is pertinent to note here that the dietary supplements market would boom in the coming future, marking the global fish-free Omega-3 ingredients market landscape with untapped and gainful opportunities. It is also worth noting here that algae oil is being seen as a viable alternative to oil from krill. Products that are witnessing increased use of the ingredient are nutritional products, infant formula, and adult dietary supplements.

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A number of players operating in the fragmented vendor landscape of global fish-free omega-2 ingredients market are focusing on improving research and development activities and tapping into growing trend of personalized nutrition. Players are trying to come up with functional ingredients. Some of the most notable players on the market are Croda International Plc., Natural Products Drugs GmbH., Hero Nutritionals Inc., Koninklijke DSM N.V., Cargill Inc., Epax Norway AS., Arista Industries Inc., BASF SE., Barleans Organic Oils L.L.C., Algaecytes Limited, Cellana, Inc., ALGISYS, LLC., Denomega Nutritional Oils.

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