First Australian Data Centre with Carbon Neutral Operations

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Partnering with Qantas, NEXTDC plans to source carbon-offset recognition from Qantas Future Planet to meet NCOS-requirements. The 12-year-old Qantas Future Planet is the world’s largest airline carbon reduction program. It supports a number of carbon-offset projects such as fire management project in North Kimberley. Additionally, Rainforest societies in Papua New Guinea are working in the Tasmanian wilderness with the support of Qantas Future Planet.

Further, NEXTDC is looking to make NCOS-based data center program for customers. The company is mainly serving customers looking to install carbon emission in their facilities. The focus is one achieving 100% neutral operations while acquiring data.

NEXTDC has the leadership and numerous innovation that encourage the use of efficient energy for lowering carbon footprint. Furthermore, the company is showcasing that organizations can achieve positive outcomes while adopting environment friendly measures.

 5 Star Rating for Energy Efficiency for NEXTDC Adds Value to Partnership 

Craig Scroggie, CEO of NEXTDC said that the company is supporting the science of climate change. They build and operate on the grounds of the data collected from data centers of national footprints of Australia. These data centers serve as a reminder for organizations that they can engineer their organizations and ensure environmental safety.

Andrew Parker, a Qantas Group Executive said that Qantas Future Planet program is helping carbon offsetting. Moreover, this program is all about collaborating and connecting with sustainability leaders. With NEXTDC, their customers can reduce 3 million tons of carbon at 40-plus certified offset projects globally. To add, NEXTDC has a 5-star rating from the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for energy efficiency.

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