Facebook introduces tool for users to know Label behind Ad targeting

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Facebook users having woes of compromise of personal information now have a sigh of relief. The social media giant’s initiative of last year to crack down non-consensual ad targeting will finally bear results.

Facebook’s plan involves advertisers need to pledge to have permission to upload a user’s personal information. This information is email address, phone number or some other personal information. While the tool for crackdown debuted in June last year, lack of verification process leaves no option for Facebook but to take the word of businesses. Advertisers reaped the financial incentive to lie in this arrangement.

Facebook’s New Tool Mandates Ad Agencies to Reveal Client Details

Later, in November, Facebook introduced a way for marketing tech developers and ad agencies to specify their clients. The information obtained is then revealed to users soon, says Facebook.

The crackdown tool comes into effect from February 28th. The button saying ‘why am I seeing this’, in the drop-down menu of feed posts will reveal the details behind the activity. It reveals the brand that paid for advertising, some biographical details, and contact info if any uploaded. In addition, Facebook will display the time of upload of user’s contact info, and if it was by the brand or by its ad partners. The time of access of user information between partners reveals as well. The goal of the entire crackdown process is to give people a clearer understanding the way advertisers use their information.

With sizeable transparency as the tech giant says, this will help users a know-how that led brands get hold of user’s contact info

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