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Bundle films are packaging films that are used as an outer packaging layer, to bundle similar consumer products, mainly during transit or storage. Bundle films are usually thicker than conventional films. Bundle films find application in wrapping similar products, such as, multiple cans and bottles of the same type. The preference for bundle films is high, and is expected to remain so, due to rising demand for safe packaging solutions that guarantee transit of good without damage.

Bundle films are customizable and are available in a variety of thickness, grade and size to suit client requirements. These include availability in mono-layer and multi-layer versions. Bundle films find applications in storage and transportation of food products such as fresh or processed meat, fish & poultry, cosmetic & haircare products, and toiletries & hygiene products, among others. Bundle films ensure cost savings, reduction in waste volume, and sustainability, thereby ensuring a positive outlook for growth of the global bundle films market, over the forecast period.

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Global bundle films market: Dynamics

The global packaging industry has undergone significant transformation in the last couple of decades, leading to an absolute need for customization and higher standards for safety of product during transit. Bundle films have high printability, and can be subjected to both rotogravure and flexographic printing. Printability of bundle films is one of the major factors that is expected to fuel growth of the global bundle films market. Along with the transformation of the global packaging market, there has been an expansion in the variety of goods that are transported. Bundle films are thicker than conventional films, which increases their reliability for safe transit of goods. Both stretch and shrink films can be used as bundle films.

Manufacturers of bundle films across the globe focus on attributes which are expected to catapult the global bundle films market, such as – higher strength, clarity, tear and puncture resistance, enhanced sealability, among others. Bundle films can impart characteristics such as clarity, gloss and strength to particular application. In addition, preference for bundle films among end users, owing to their advantages over alternative packaging solutions such as, paperboard, which is also widely used today.

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The North American region is expected to dominate the global bundle films market, over the forecast period. This is attributed to large volume of trade in the region. The Western European bundle films market and the Japan bundle films market are expected to closely follow the North America region in terms of both value and volume. In the Asia Pacific region, rise of e-commerce trade is expected to give the Asia Pacific bundle films market the much needed boost to compete with the likes of North America and Western Europe. Growing volume of trade in economic powerhouses such as China and India is expected to drive the Asia Pacific bundle films market. The Latin America bundle films market is expected to witness healthy growth over the forecast period.

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