Evaluating Growth in Global Probiotic Ingredients Market

Industry Insights

Change in lifestyle is noted and it is not for the better. People are eating out more often and eating junk or fast food most of the times because of hectic work schedules that are often behind low energy levels, which in turn lead to lower will power to prepare elaborate meals. The situation is so pronounced that incidence of lifestyle related health disorders is increasing and the food and beverage industry is on its toes to find ways to address the issue. Probiotic ingredients are a natural step in that direction. These are considered to be health in a capsule – a stark contrast with what is considered health in the plate.

It is pertinent to note here that players in the market are trying to come up with ailment-specific products as customization becomes a crucial part of the market. New opportunities would arise in the developing regions of the world, especially in countries that are witnessing robust economic growth.

Some of these countries mark the Asia Pacific regional landscape, which is set to be an important regional market over the coming few years. North America would also be a prominent market for global probiotic ingredients market owing to high awareness levels among consumers.

The global probiotic ingredients market has a fragmented vendor landscape and top players are focused upon boosting online presence, offering personalized solutions, and educating consumers. Besides, a lot of the prominent players are focusing on squeezing profit margins to tap into new consumer-base.

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It is also significant to note here that about 40% of the market share of the global probiotic ingredients market is accounted for by top five players in the market. A major share from this accounted for by Chr. Hansen. Other notable players in the market landscape include Probi AB, and Lallemand. Some of the prominent strategies that players deploy to create an edge over competitors are mergers and acquisitions, and product innovation.

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