Envisioning a Clearer Future for the Optical Lens Edger Market Just Got Easier!


Optical lenses have been a lifesaving invention for millions around the world. Over 200 million patients use optical lenses worldwide. Additionally, the optical lens edger market is clearly moving in the direction of innovative enhancements, improvements, and reliability. The optical lens edger market continues to cater mainly to users of glasses. However, younger population continues to find contact lenses more attractive.

What’s Driving Growth in the Optical Lens Edger Market?

According to a recent CBS survey, nearly 6 in 10 people use some form of vision enhancer in the US. Lifestyle trends like watching TV, unhealthy diets, and genetic factors are expected to drive demand for optical lens edger machines. Additionally, distribution and upscale of retail in the optical lens edger market is far easier in relative terms. The understanding of the machinery and vision enhancement pays wave for growth with far less capital investments as compared to an ordinary restaurant. Furthermore, thanks to social media, the costs of branding in retail have also lowered. Hence, the opportunity for small players in the optical lens edger market is far bigger and more promising.

What Are Some Trends to Watch Out For?

Contact lenses continue to become more important for end-users. On one hand, the appeal of contact lenses for younger customers is natural. Wearing these lenses can help people make real connections without the barrier of a glass frame in between them. Additionally, contact lens provide a much clearer vision. Contact lenses are also ideal during extreme weather conditions and during physical activities like sports. These additional benefits are important to watch out for as safety and reliability of contact lenses can mean significantly higher revenues.

On the other hand, glasses continue to dominate the optical lens edger market. According to the CBS report, 57% consumers opt for using glasses as compared to just 12% for contact lenses. Aging population in many countries is a primary factor driving growth of the conventional choice. However, growing awareness about contact lenses, aesthetic appeal, and more discipline among consumers can encourage the growth of the optical lens edger market in the near future.




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