Environmental Consulting Services Market To Witness Steady Growth During The Forecast Period 2016-2026

Industry Insights

Global Environmental Consulting Services: Overview

Environmental consultation services are important as they have a direct and important impact on the quality of life of individuals of a geographical area. In today’s environmentally-sensitive world, business owners need to comply with industry mandates order to protect their business as well as the environment. This requires proactive business management, following changes in the industry, open to adjustments, and quick response if the business causes an impact on the environment. Engaging an environmental consulting services helps to ensure environmental compliances and eases stress level for business owners.

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Global Environmental Consulting Services: Trends and Opportunities

The increasing demand for advisory services predominantly in construction and chemical industries to minimize environmental deterioration due to release of toxic substances is one of the key growth drivers of environmental consulting services market. An increasing expenditure on pollution control and environmental remediation in developing countries is also boosting the growth of this market. In emerging economies, these initiatives are carried out in addition to government funding for renewable energy for energy security in the long run and for low levels of emission.

In urban areas, measures for waste minimization, site remediation, and sustainable development are also opportune for this market. Furthermore, diversification of services in nuclear power plants such as carbon polluting standards and life cycle assessment are expected to benefit the market’s growth. Hazards to human health due to release of toxic substances into groundwater or soil are also displaying the need for environmental management services for public safety considerations. In the oil and gas sector, regulations in place that monitor gas station storage tanks for leaks and spills are also propelling the demand for environmental consulting services.

In terms of environmental services, waste management, site remediation, and environment management and compliance are the segments of the market. Waste management consulting service trailed by environment management are anticipated to be the leading segments of the market in the near future. This is mainly due to the rising need to prevent contamination to the environment from the mining and construction sectors.

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Global Environmental Consulting Services: Regional Outlook

Geography-wise, the global environmental consulting services market is distributed over North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe. Asia Pacific is expected to be the leading regional market over the forecast period. This is mainly due to environmental protection norms increasingly in place in countries such as China and India due to improving economic conditions. The rising incidence of natural calamities and measures to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment are also boosting the demand for environmental consulting services, especially for site remediation planning and cleanups. In this region, increasing awareness about health hazards and environmental deterioration due to industrial activities has aroused the attention of business owners to hire biologists, geoscientists, and environment consultants to adhere to environmental regulations and minimize such risks.

North America is a major contributor to the global environmental consulting services market due to stringent regulations in place for oil drilling and energy production initiatives.  However, Europe will display a slow to moderate growth in the energy consulting services market over the forecast period.

Global Environmental Consulting Services: Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players in the global environmental consulting services market include AECOM, CH2M HILL, Arcadis, Bechtel Corporation, Amec Foster Wheeler Plc, Golder Associates, and Environmental Resources Managemnet.

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