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Environmental Concerns to Uplift Demand in Global Paper Bottles Market

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Paper bottle technology is all set to take packaging industry to new heights. With rising concerns regarding environmental pollution and various measures taken to curb it, paper bottles have emerged as a helpful innovation. It is made of natural products such as sugarcane, wheat straw, bulrush, husk, and bamboo. These are completely biodegradable products and pose no threat to the environment. This is seen as a major change and an eco-friendly solution to fulfil consumer demand as well as eco-friendly packaging needs. Plastic takes millions of years to degrade and are also responsible for polluting oceans and landfill to great extent. However, paper bottles are likely to supplant as a viable option. The shift from plastic bottles to paper bottles for sprays, shampoos, dispensers, and so on are expected to be witnessed in the span of upcoming years.

Non-Reusability to Hamper Plastic Bottles Market Demand

Packaging industry is undergoing a revolutionizing changes since past few years. Paper bottles is one such addition in the list. These bottle utilizing much lesser space than plastic or glass bottles. Besides, it is lighter in weight. This makes these bottles a travel-friendly solutions. However, even though the innovation as several advantages, there are some factors which are foreseen to obstruct the global paper bottles market growth, non-reusability and durability are a few of them.

Analyzing the recent developments, companies for example, McDonald’s and Starbucks have announced to end the use of plastic containers and adopt paper bottles to serve their products. This is one of the important contributing factors propelling the growth in global paper bottles market.

In addition, rising awareness about the importance of paper bottles among the consumers is also furling the market demand. Nevertheless, high pricing of these bottles is expected to pull down the overall market growth within forecast period. Moreover, these bottles are comparatively delicate to bear heavy products.

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