Enterprise Risk Management Market Development Trends & Competitive Analysis by Leading Industry Players


The finance sector is on the cusp of becoming a completely digital landscape, and its transformation is set to change the face of the banking industry in the coming years. While digitalization is promising the finance sector with improved customer experience and lowered expenses, it is also dictating completely new requirements for enterprise risk management companies willing to enter this digitally-transforming sector.

Risk and regulatory compliance functions of financial institutions are seeing a sea change with the convergence of the technology and finance sector, which has given rise to FinTech. Financial service firms are under relentless pressure to keep up with the speed of advancing technologies and implement risk management protocols by deploying digital strategies.

The enterprise risk management market is rapidly moving away from offering solutions to manage analog risks to those that manage digital risks. As the finance sector is being controlled by the labyrinth of strict regulations and rapidly changing customer expectations, the digital functions of enterprise risk management will continue to be compelling for tomorrow’s financial institutions.

Transparency Market Research (TMR), in its latest study, provides a complete 360-degree viewpoint of the enterprise risk management market, and unveils exclusive data about its growth potential in the banking and finance sector.

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Preparing for the Future with Full-scale Risk Functions for Financial Institutions

Though the negative impacts of the 2008 Great Recession are ebbing away, it has changed the definition of risk for financial institutions. The enterprise risk management market has been witnessing a significant push ever since, and it has evolved through the pressures of regulators and the rise of technology in the finance sector.

In 2018, the enterprise risk management market reached a valuation of ~ US$ 3.7 billion. Financial institutions are proactively seeking advanced enterprise risk management solutions to manage process and data risks more efficiently, and most importantly, digitally. In the coming years, the adoption of enterprise risk management software, which can be deployed on premise or through the cloud, is expected to grow at the fastest rate in the finance sector.

With the recent advancements in cloud technology, enterprise risk management companies are focusing on developing cloud-deployed software solutions to manage risks, compliances, and vendors, as well as audits. However, cloud computing technology can make software-based enterprise risk management solutions highly vulnerable to severe data theft threats and cyber-attacks. Thereby, increasing security concerns over cloud-deployed enterprise risk management solutions may create critical challenges for stakeholders in this landscape.

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