Engineers devise new wearable skin patch, device close to all-in-one health monitor

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In a breakthrough medical development, a team of researchers of the University of California have created a soft stretchable skin patch to monitor a few vital parameters. The patch has easy handling as it can be worn around the neck. Coming to its features, the patch can monitor blood pressure and heart beat continuously, and at the same measure the glucose, lactate, alcohol, and caffeine levels of the wearer. Importantly, the device is the first one that observes cardiovascular indications and a number of biochemical levels simultaneously.

“The wearable, if it used by people with unseen critical medical conditions, it would be very useful for them to monitor their health on a regularly, said the first co-author of the study.

The findings of the study is published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

The device is looked upon to work as an important tool particularly during COVID-19 times. It can help individuals with remote patient monitoring when individuals are minimizing visits to the clinic.

Furthermore, the device could benefit individuals who manage diabetes and high blood pressure – as these individuals are at a high risk of serious illness if they contract coronavirus. Besides this, the device could be used to diagnose the onset of sepsis, wherein sudden dip in blood pressure is accompanied by rapid escalation of lactate levels.

“Interestingly, to develop the device, engineers used completely different sensors and combined them on one small platform as small as a stamp,” stated the researcher who co-authored the study. With the use of this single wearable, medical experts can collect sizeable information, non-invasively, and that too with no discomfort or interruptions for daily activities.

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