Electronic Design Automation Provider Synopsys Says it Will Partner with Innovative Architects in India to Further Software Business

Synopsys India will partner with small-sized semiconductor design companies in the country to further its reach in the electronic design automation industry, it has said. Synopsys India is a part of Synopsys Inc., a conglomerated with extensive operations in the electronic design automation sector. The conglomerate has a valuation of US$2 billion and is listed on Nasdaq. 
In an interview to a leading business daily in India this week, the co-CEO and president of Synopsys said that the company would join hands with a different league of companies as it observes growth in the software business. He seemed optimistic as he remarked that the company’s US$100 million software business carries the capability to report 20%-30% growth in the current financial year. 
But even as it forms partnerships with smaller firms, the company is in no way sidetracking its plans to join hands with semiconductor and tech giants such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and Freescale for both software capabilities and EDA, which is primarily used for designing electric circuit boards and USB ports. 
The company’s rationale behind teaming up with smaller firms is simple: A number of enterprising individuals are now breaking away from their roles with multinationals to set up their own ventures. Synopsys hopes to capitalize on their know-how of this ecosystem to further its business offerings. The company terms its core strengths as expertise in chip design and building software that backs the operations of these chips. 
As it hopes to make more profits from its software business, the company has already started expanding its portfolio by acquiring companies abroad. One of the more recent acquisitions was that of a company that specializes in verifying the integrity of software and another that operates in the security domain. In India, Synopsys will be looking to partner with innovative architects.
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