Electronic Adhesives Market: Huge Growth Opportunity by Trend, Key Players and Forecast 2026

Industry Insights

The vendor landscape of the global electronic adhesive market is highly competitive and packed with large number of players. Players are focusing towards the customization of the electronic adhesives as per different customer reqquiremnt, saya Transparancy Market Reseach.

Some of the key players operating in the global electronic adhesive market are Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Dow Chemical, HB Fuller, Kyocera Chemical Corp, 3M Company, Bondline Electronic Adhesives, Inc, Dymax Corporation Creative Materials Inc.

In order to fortify their market presence manufacturers are ramping their investments towards  R&D activities. This is helping them enhanc their product portfolio. Further, industry players are also engaged in merger and acquisitions with local & regional companies.  This new development is expected to pave path for opportunities, in the electronic adhesive market.

According to TMR, the global electronics adhesives market  is expected rise at a astonishing  12.03% CAGR from 2017 to 2020. Rising at this CAGR, the worldwide demand for electronics adhesives is projected to surpass a volume of 1,941.8 million tons by 2020.

The electronic adhesive market in Asia Pacific is expected to rise at fast pace as compared to other regions. This mainly due the increasing demand of electronic adhesive from countires  such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea owing to the increase in production of printed circuit board.  On the basis of type, the

Stellar Strategies Adopted by Players to Strengthen Prospects

The global electronic adhesive market is expected to attain a stellar growth in the coming few years. This is mainly because of the above-average demand for the electronic adhesives from different industrial sector. Some of the prominent end user industries of the electronic adhesive are telecommunication, computer/peripherals, consumer, and microelectronic assembly applications. An unpreccendent surge in the growth of the end user industries is another pivotal aspected to splure growth in the electronic adhesive market.

One noteworthy aspect  that is expected to influence the growth in the electronic adhesive is varied demand from the different consumers. Prominent  players in the global electronics adhesive market have decided to offer personalized product to the consumer to meet demand. This strategy by the key players have helped them cover several untapped opportunites in the global electronic adhesives market. Such stegtegies by players are exected to offer a new dyanamics to their businesses.

In addition the this, miniaturization of electronics components is one of the key factor contributing to the growth of the global electronic adhesive market.  Apart from this, need to replace existing printed circuits boards (PCBs) with advanced multi-chip technology is anticipated to fuel the global electronic adhesive mark

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Stringent Governmental Regulations Against VOC Emission to Impede Growth

However on the flipside, growth in the global electronic adhesive market is likely to hamper owing to the use of volatile organic compound in manufacturing of electronic adhesive. Stringent government regulation against the VOC emission may impede growth in the coming years. This can be related with a fact, China despite being a world largest producer of electronic adhesive is posing several regulations in order to curb VOC emission.

Nevertheless to overcome this, players are focusing towards manufacturing of bio based electronic adhesive. Along with this, significant   advancements in the semiconductor technologies, which are used in industrial and consumer applications, is expected to stimulate market growth owing to wider application scope.

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