Electricity could help , sspeed up wound healingays new study

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A new study suggests electric stimulation could be serve to be the medium to help blood vessels transfer white blood cells and oxygen to speed the healing of wounds. The findings of the study is published in the journal Lab on a Chip, The study suggests electrical stimulation generates permeability in such ways that might allow new blood vessels to grow.

During electrical stimulation, it provides a constant voltage accompanied by electric current in the presence of the flow of fluid. Importantly, the findings of the study indicate that stimulation elevates permeability of blood vessel – an important feature that can help wound healing elements in the blood to reach the injury site more efficiently.

“Meanwhile, speculations prevailed that blood vessels could grow in an improved manner if they were stimulated electrically, stated the senior author of the study. Furthermore, the response of cells in blood vessel models displayed significant promise toward changing permeability of the vessels that can lead to positive outcomes for ongoing work in wound healing.

Physiologically, blood vessels play a crucial role in wound healing. The blood vessels form a network throughout the body carrying cells, nutrients, and chemicals that can help control inflammation due to an injury. In fact white blood cells and oxygen that protect the body from foreign bodies are two components transmitted by blood vessels.

In the event of an injury, for instance, a cut in the finger, the construction of the blood vessels at the site of the wound is disrupted. This also interrupts the ability of the vessels to help the wound to heal. In fact, due to their anatomy, blood vessels grow on their own like the branches of trees.

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