Electric Screwdriver Market Technology Advancements and Demands 2019 to 2027

Industry Insights
  • Electric screwdriver is a mechanical power tool that is powered by an electric motor depend on an electric motor, so as to tighten the screws quickly to the set torque.
  • Electric screwdriver may contain electric motor, rechargeable battery, a switch, dual planetary gear system, and a chuck, which holds the screwdriver into one extremely powerful and compact tool.
  • Moreover, electric screwdrivers are employed in several industrial applications in order to comply with engineering and government specifications to ensure the screws are tightened rapidly and correctly.
  • Furthermore, the two basic types of electric screwdrivers are brushless and standard. Standard electric screwdrivers contain small carbon brushes inside the tool that conduct electricity between the rotating shaft and stationary wires. Brushless electric screwdrivers do not contain any brushes, and they generate less heat, less wear & tear, and can be used for higher volumes of work.

Global Electric Screwdriver Market – Dynamics

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Key driver of electric screwdriver market

  • Rising demand for electric screwdriver in manufacturing industries across the globe
  • Consistent increase in demand for electric screwdrivers in manufacturing industries, due to execution of small or large projects and to enhance the efficiency of a range of industrial projects across the globe, is a major factor that is estimated to drive the electric screwdriver market in the next few years.
  • Electric screwdrivers are highly efficient, which can be acquired by manufacturing industries as they are highly cost effective or inexpensive. Moreover, electric screwdrivers are widely used in industrial, commercial and residential due to its high speed capability.
    • Furthermore, electric screwdrivers are utilized especially when a piece of work requires a large number of screws to be tightened in manufacturing industries, with less effort is expected to accelerate the growth of electric screwdriver market over the forecast period.
    • Moreover, the electric screwdriver market is fragmented, as there are several manufacturers across the globe who engage in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-end electric screwdriver products.
    • Asia Pacific holds Significant Share of Electric Screwdriver Market
  • Regionally, Asia Pacific holds the significant share due to the development in construction sector across the countries such as India, and China. In addition to it, the government are taking initiative for executing small or large projects, so as to enhance the efficiency of a range of industrial projects across Asia Pacific. This in turn, is expected to fuel the growth of global electric screwdriver market.

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