Eco-friendly Straws Market Sales Improve and Demand Picks Up | Future of Plastic Alternatives

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Non-toxic and are bio-degradable alternatives of chemical-laden plastic is enhancing the eco-friendly straws market value. Manufacturers are looking for products that provide consumer convenience along with sustainability. These days, eco-friendly straws are recyclable as well as stylish trend, as interiors of bars, restaurants, and home includes glass straws for the touch of elegance to dining tables. The variety of options available when materials are taken into consideration, growing demand for eco-friendly straws market.

The eco-friendly straws are either made up of bio-based materials such as paper, or reusable materials which includes food-grade silicone, metal or glass. Increasing food & beverage consumption, people often prefer environment friendly products instead of plastic, expanding eco-friendly straws market. Changing manufacturer’s considerations due to stringent regulations and environmental impact of plastic straws is boosting eco-friendly straws market.

The eco-friendly straws are manufactured in different designs which includes strip, polka dot, star-shaped, and other printed papers. The eco-friendly straws are providing manufacturers cost-effective solution. Manufacturers are also offering different diameter options in eco-friendly straws as per brand owners, and retailers demand. The eco-friendly straws market is anticipated to witness high growth prospects during the forecast period, due to increasing consumer awareness. The modifications and improvements in government legislation are changing usage capabilities of the manufacturer as well as the consumer.

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Eco-friendly straws such as bamboo straw, compostable straws, metal & glass straws are replacing plastic straws, as latter one create a large amount of plastic waste. The global eco-friendly straws market is estimated to experience growth during the forecast period as per the number stringent regulations on plastic use. Nearly 500 million plastic straws are discarded daily in the U.S., but over the past few months, restaurants & hotel groups are preferring eco-friendly straws. The global usage of eco-friendly products is ultimately impacting trends & styles in the food and beverage industry.

Reduction in usage of straws, which is a non-essential part, may hamper the growth of the global ecofriendly straws market. The eco-friendly straws market is estimated to have growth in Europe as food corporations such as McDonald’s are trying to eliminate plastic-based products. The countries are shifting towards using straws made of sustainable products such as bamboo, paper, or glass, growing demand for eco-friendly straws. The eco-friendly straws market is estimated to have significant growth during the forecast period. Use of plastic straws has been prohibited in some regions of the United States, which is eventually expanding the eco-friendly straws market.

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