Easy Availability of Corn Accelerates Corn Oil Market

Industry Insights

Primarily, corn oil is used for cooking in food industry. Besides, it also has crucial application in production of hydrogenated oil. In year 2013, corn oil was used significantly used feedstock in manufacturing biodiesel across the globe.

One of the most prominent factors driving the growth of corn oil market is easy availability of the corn worldwide and lower price.

Corn oil, on the basis of application, is bifurcated into edible oil and non-edible oil. As per market analysts at Transparency Market Research, non-edible segment is likely to exhibit sturdy growth rate in coming years. The growth rate is attributed to low carbon emission of the oil, when compared to other biodiesel feed stocks. Eco-friendly characteristic of the oil is enhancing adoption rate of corn oil.

Low Carbon Emission of Corn Oil Provides Growth Opportunity to Corn Oil Market

Growing consumption of corn oil as an eco-friendly substitute of biodiesel in order to minimize carbon footprint is driving corn oil market. Further, stringent regulation by government bodies to adopt low carbon fuels in various regions is fuelling the demand rate for the corn oil.

The regulation is favoring growth of the global corn oil market.

This factor is anticipated to contribute extensively to expansion of the global corn oil market.

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Edible Segment Ramps Up on Back of Healthy Lifestyle Choice

Meanwhile, edible segment is also progressing at an impressive rate. Owing to low cholesterol content of the oil, corn oil is recommended to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In addition, essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid (omega-6) is vital to strengthen immune function. It regulates blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. The compound is present in abundant in corn oil. This, in turn, is a crucial growth prospect for growth of the corn oil market.

Further, adoption rate of corn oil in food processor ad food service verticals is driving the market growth. Food processors vertical is focusing on launching healthy food products, considering growing demand for low fat containing food products.

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