Dry Type Transformer Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Key Vendors, Regions Demand and Forecast to 2019

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As can be gleaned from the name, ‘dry type’ transformers refer to air-cooled devices that lack liquids to cool the electrical coils. Fire-resistant dry type transformers are best suited to be installed in high-rise buildings, underground tunnels, steel factories, hospitals, school, chemical plants, and other places where fire safety is of paramount importance. Not causing any type of environmental deterioration, dry type transformers have proven to be highly reliable over the years.

The report segments the global dry type transformer market on the basis of product and geography. The report analysis provides a definitive perspective of trends, market drivers, and market restraints that will be prevalent in the global dry type transformer market during the forecast period. With a snapshot of the recent technological advancements in the industry, the report charts the technological growth map during the forecast period to comprehend the industry’s growth rate.

The market study analyzes the dry type transformer market from a competitive standpoint as well. The key participants in this market are mentioned and a detailed competitive profiling is provided for each of the players. The analysis given in the report helps in leveraging gainful opportunities for market participants, which will help change the traditional market dynamics.

Overview of Global Dry Type Transformer Market

Dry type transformers are characterized by lack of fire risk, light weight, less volume, and low installation and maintenance cost, which make these transformers advantageous over oil type transformers.

Worldwide, increasing manufacturing, industrial and natural resource exploration activities related with oil production, chemicals, and marine applications are some of the areas fueling the dry type transformer market.

However, low voltage and power ratings of these transformers, not being suitable for more than 2000KVA, limits the utilization of these devices. Thus, the growth of the dry type transformer market is impeded. Nevertheless, the flourishing oil and gas and chemicals sectors, which need a hazard-free operational environment, will offer ample opportunities to this market in the coming years.

sResin impregnated type and cast resin type are the two types of dry type transformers. Between the two, resin impregnated transformers have the advantage of not requiring replacement of the entire LV and HV winding of the electrical circuitry in the event of an accident; changing just the affected part of the winding suffices.

Some of the applications of dry type transformers are in the commercial sector, the industrial sector, the automobile industry, motor generators, and resistance heating.

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Major Companies in Global Dry Type Transformer Market

The major companies that have a significant presence in the global dry type transformer market are Virginia Transformer Corp. and ABB Kotsons.

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