Dried Fruit Ingredients Industry – Rising Demand For Fiber-Rich Food Products To Bolster Growth

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Transparency Market Research (TMR) has published its recent report on the global dried fruit ingredients market. According to the report the market is dominated by some of the prominent players across the globe. Some of these players are Sunshine Raisin Corporation, Jab Dried Fruit Products (Pty) Ltd, Bergin Fruit Company Inc., Vkc Nuts Private Limited, Viva Bella Orchards Inc, and Traina Dried Fruit Inc. In order to achieve a competitive edge over their competitors are implementing strategic steps such as mergers, partnerships, and collaborations. They are also acquiring some small and medium scale companies in order to expand their production and customer domain in the global dried fruit ingredient market.

According to TMR, the global dried fruits ingredients market shall witness remarkable growth in the forecast period of 2018 to 2026. The market will grow with a CAGR of 5.1% in the forecast period. The report covers an overall analysis of the global dried fruit ingredients market. It provides insight on every aspect of the market. TMR report also provides an in-depth analysis of various facets of the global automotive interior materials market.

The report categorizes the market into various categories such as type, form, and application. These categories have further segmentation such as organic and inorganic in type category. Out of all the segments, the organic dried fruit ingredient segment shall lead the dried fruit ingredient market globally. The segment is likely to exhibit a 6.1% growth rate. The growth is the result of increasing health awareness among consumers and the benefits the products offer to the consumers.

Although the presence of dried fruit ingredients market spans across the globe. However, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the market says TMR report. The region tends to exhibit exceptional growth owing to various constraints such as rising consumption of dried fruits in various food items. Also, favorable government policies regarding food additives and application of dried fruits in various confectionaries and desserts are some of the reason that makes dried fruits ingredients market to be led by Asia Pacific.

Increasing Preference of Organic Dried Fruits Shall Drive Growth For the Market

As a result of rising health consciousness regarding food consumption by the consumers, the global dried fruits ingredients market is likely to witness the projected growth in the forecast period. Organic dried fruits ingredients shall have high preference over conventional ones as a result of no side-effects shown by the products. Other driving factors such as rising demand for fiber-rich food products is also one of the most prominent reasons that are driving the growth of the global dried fruits ingredient market in the forecast period.

The growth of the global dried fruits ingredients market is also attributed to the high penetration of consistently launched food products into the market. Also, as a result of changing the lifestyle of the consumers across the globe and rising disposable income coupled with an increasing number of working women are some more driving factors that are influencing the growth of global dried fruits ingredients market in the forecast period.

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Application of Dried Fruits as Natural Sweeteners Shall Overcome the High-Cost Issues

The production of dried fruit ingredients is quite expensive. It requires extensive care while production is under process. This, as a result, increases the cost of production which may hamper the growth of the global dried fruit ingredients market. However, looking at the fact that dried fruit ingredients have natural sugar content in them.

This natural sugar content is healthier than conventional sugar for the consumers and provides many business opportunities for the producers in the market. The opportunity posed by this constituent of dried fruit ingredients, producers aim to score big dried fruit ingredients market in the forecast period.

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