Dow Microbial Control Joins Esteemed bluesign System

Dow Microbial Control, a business unit of the Dow Chemicals Company, has announced that it is now a part of the bluesign system – a network of leading prominent market players that offer services to apparel and textiles industries globally.
Bluesign Technologies AG, a Swiss firm, manages the bluesign system. The company works in close association with supply chain stakeholders to ensure the safety of chemicals and materials that go into the making of apparel and textiles. The company’s three-pronged focus lies on consumers, industry workers, as well as the environment.
The bluesign system conducts periodic reviews of the progress made by chemical manufacturers who are a part of the system through their corporate reports. On-site audits of partners’ manufacturing units are also conducted by the firm.
The system emphasizes performance enhancement across five spheres: Air emissions, occupational health and safety, consumer safety, water emissions and resource productivity. In September 2012, Dow Microbial Control had introduced an antimicrobial product called SILVADUR, especially for apparel and textiles applications. The antimicrobial product was received well on account of its ability to provide extended freshness to apparel and textiles. The product also did well because customers are ostensibly adopting a healthier lifestyle and this change has percolated all the way to their apparel choices.
SILVADUR was formulated based on patented technology called Intelligent Freshness, which renders better odor control in clothing and textile by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria on the fabric’s surface. According to a number of tests conducted in the past, SILVADUR Antimicrobial boasts higher efficiency as compared to other such products on the market, and lasts even after 50 washes.
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