Doors of Star World May Be Opened with Approach of Dark Matter Hurricane

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer and dreamers believe in keeping their foot on the ground and eyes on the stars. Stars have been a childhood fantasy and each has associated their life with the moon and stars. However, the study of stars and constellations reveal that stars are not just our friends for the night but luminous ball of helium and hydrogen containing gas that is contained together as a result of its own gravity. The sun being the nearest to the earth, is also a star. Scientists are putting years of research into astronomy and very recently there has been a new discovery that may be shocking to its readers.

Astronomers predict that a stardust storm called “the dark matter hurricane” is likely to hit the earth as it is speedily approaching towards us through the Milky Way. However, it is predicted to not cause any harm to life on Earth, instead provide opportunities of further research and study of dark matter and the mysterious particles that it contains.

Harmless Dark Matter- To Depict New Perspectives in Astronomy

There are uncountable number of stellar streams in space that are in and around the Milky Way. These streams were once in the form of clusters or little galaxies which shattered into millions of pieces after colliding with the Milky Way. This resulted in a stream of stars that circled around the galactic center. One of these stellar streams was discovered in the year 2017 by the scientists of the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite and was named S1, since it directly crosses the path of the sun.

Our solar system passes through the outer reaches of the Milky Way and crosses through the dark matter with a speed of 143 miles or 230 kilometers each second. The scientists of the University of Zaragoza states that the suspected dark matter hurricane may be travelling at a faster speed of about 500 kilometers per second and that this may be the best chance to detect the chemical and gravitational composition of the dark matter and its mysteries.

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