Dispensing Plugs Market: Recent Industry Developments and Growth Strategies Adopted by Players


The limited or specific quantity of product dispensing is of prime importance sometimes as it saves a lot by reducing the wastage. Dispensing plugs are capable of keeping the container sealed and provide a specific quantity of material whenever required without opening the container. Dispensing plugs are used where the product contained in the container is to be consumed regularly over a long time period and protection from contamination is a necessity for the product to be effective. In the products like cosmetics, ear and eye drops, vitamin tablets and many others, dispensing plugs are widely used, indicating a huge global market size of dispensing plugs.

Dispensing Plugs Market Dynamics

Once the packaging of a product is unsealed, it is difficult to protect the product from getting contaminated. Thus, dispensing plugs took its place in pharmaceutical products packaging. Dispensing plugs keep the product sealed and isolated from atmospheric interaction and also provide the product out of the packaging. Limiting the quantity of the product became the requirement of the consumers with the increasing prices of quality cosmetics.

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Dispensing plugs not only limits the quantity of the product to be dispensed at a time but also protects it from getting wasted when reached in the hands of an infant. These qualities of the dispensing plugs have driven its global market. With the increasing applicability of the dispensing plugs, the market provides huge opportunity to increase in market size with its application in the remaining products not incorporating the dispensing plugs presently. With the quality of the dispensing plugs to provide the limited quantity of the product, long time taken for the high volume of the product to dispense has restricted the usage of dispensing plugs for the products which are frequently used. In a condition of a requirement of the higher volume of product, the consumer might lose patience due to pressing the dispenser for multiple times and taking much longer for required quantity of the product. This fact has restrained the global dispensing plugs market.

Dispensing Plugs Market Segmentation

The dispensing plugs market can be segmented on the basis of material as

  • Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Others

The dispensing plugs market can be segmented on the basis of end-use as

  • Household Chemical
  • Industrial Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Food
  • Cosmetics & personal care
  • Automotive
  • Others

The dispensing plugs market can be segmented on the basis of type of product contained in the container

  • Liquid
  • Granules
  • Solids

The dispensing plugs market can be segmented on the basis of geographical regions as

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan
  • Japan

Dispensing Plugs Market Regional Outlook

Skin care and hair care cosmetics are major applications of dispensing plugs in cosmetics industry which also has the majority demand in the global cosmetics market, specifically North America, Asia Pacific and Western Europe regions. North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific have a huge market for nutraceuticals also. Pharmaceutical demand is highest in North America with more than one-third of global demand, followed by Europe with around one fourth of global demand, indicating the large market for dispensing plugs. Asia Pacific along with Japan has the largest share of caps and closures market with around one-third of world’s caps and closures demand, along with a significant share in global pharmaceuticals demand, indicating a potential market in the region. The Middle East & Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe have low market share in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics products, indicating comparatively low opportunity in these regions as compared to the rest of the world.

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Dispensing Plugs Market Key Players

Some of the key players of the dispensing plugs market are

  • Mold-Rite Plastics, LLC
  • Alltops
  • Measom Freer & Co. Ltd.
  • RODA Packing Inc.
  • Pro-Pac Packaging Limited

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