Digital Technology to Help for Recreating Identity of Refugees

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Displacement of people due to flood, war, and breakup of empires is ongoing from the end of World War I. The governments and international communities are struggling to help these people due to their loss of identity. The identity is crucial for every facility in the crisis such as a shelter, services, receiving funds, and moving to other countries. When displaced people don’t, have an identity, it is hard to access these facilities and increases stress exponentially.

The international community and particular nation have been burdened for taking responsibility for refugees, said Michael Barutciski. He is a professor at Glendon College, York University of Canada and expert of refugee matters.

Even today, the worldwide count of forcefully displaced people is in billion. These people are lacking from the government recognition and official IDs. The World Bank and UNCHR are taking efforts to provide verifiable identity, he added.

He said that he has discussed this problem of refugees with Brad Wittemen and Bob Reid, founders of Everest. It is the world’s first digital platform that is accessible from device-free technology with the built-in-identity protocol.

Everest Has a Solution

Everest claims that with the digital identities, electronic wallet, biometrics, document management, and users, verification of refugees can be possible. This means Everest will be using the blockchain technology for the recreation of identity. With this technology, not only verify identity but also prevent human trafficking and helps to maintain refugees record with their medical history.

The company is working with the government of Indonesia for checking the effectiveness of services for providing the liquefied propane gas for cooking fuel.

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