Diabetes Management Software Specialist Glooko Joins Hands with Insulet and Dexcom to Enhance its Unified Platform

Glooko, a company that specializes in software for diabetes management, has announced a collaboration with Dexcom, Inc. and Insulet Corporation. Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitoring systems are among the most widely used in the market today. Insulet, on the other hand, is best known for its tubeless insulin pumps, especially its insulin management system called OmniPod. 
Having established these new partnerships, Glooko said that it has moved a step ahead in its endeavor to create a unified platform for all diabetes management device data that can be easily accessed by both healthcare specialists and patients. This, the company expects, will help achieve improved outcomes.
According to Dr. Howard Wolpert, who works at the Joslin Diabetes Center, the integration of digital health data will help take clinical care for diabetics to the next level. His organization has been working closely with Glooko in order to power the JoslinHypoMap. The latter will continue to add more data to obtained from various diabetes management devices and thus create reports that collate reports and analysis of patients’ condition.
Glooko said that its next-generation product, which comprises data from both the OmniPod and the CGM by Dexcom, will be launched this summer. Currently, the company’s unified platform featured data synched from over 30 different blood glucose monitors and popular fitness tracking and biometric tools with mobile devices based on the Apple or Android OS.
In addition to synching data, Glooko also allows patients to record their daily food intake, insulin dosage as well as medication to base their blood glucose reading on a more holistic context.
Very recently, Glooko’s has obtained Series B investments, infusing US$16.5 million of fresh funds into its operations. The company plans to use this investment on its new platform that has received approval from FDA and in in compliance with HIPAA.
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