Demand For Zero-Calorie Sweetener Is Flourishing Owing To Escalating Demand For Low-Calorie Food Products In The Market


Wellness is a personally assessed pursuit which is reflected by an increase of tailored food and beverage consumption. Customers give more value to products which potentiate to cater to the demand with utmost satisfaction.

In today’s scenario, consumers prefer food products with low-calorie content. In the global food and beverage market, the demand for zero-calorie sweetener is flourishing owing to escalating demand for low-calorie food products in the market. Zero-calorie sweeteners are sweeter than table sugar with zero calories which are gaining the traction from food manufacturers to use zero-calorie sweetener as a substitute. Besides, increasing demand for personalized & customized products has a higher chance of hitting the right note such as people who are suffering from diabetes and other sugar-related problems in the body.

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Zero-calorie sweetener is also gaining the demand form the people suffering from obesity and also from health enthusiast, seeking to cut down on their calorie consumption. In the global zero-calorie sweetener market, North America and Europe hold the major share in production and consumption of zero-calorie sweetener owing to the presence of the major global player in the region. Also, attractive and unique promotional strategies applied by the manufactures plays a critical role to bring awareness about the health benefits of the zero-calorie sweetener. With the increasing demand for zero-calorie sweetener among the consumer, it can be anticipated that the demand for zero-calorie sweetener will boom over the forecast period.

Rising Demand for Zero-Calorie Sweetener in the Food and Beverage Industry

Increasing cases of diabetes among the population at an alarming rate made consumers consume low or zero-calorie sugar product in their diet, propelling the zero-calorie sweetener market. According to WHO diabetic population has increased from 108 million cases in 1980 to 422 million in 2014, conveying a serious problem among the population.

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Zero-calorie sweetener is gaining popularity among the population facing a problem with high sugar level and also among the health enthusiasts. In the global zero-calorie market, the demand for zero-calorie sweetener is growing at the good growth rate in the food industry and also in the pharmaceutical industry. In the food and beverage industry, the zero-calorie sweetener is used in bakery products, beverages, confectionaries, and other products to decrease the caloric value of the end product. Zero-calorie sweetener is extracted from natural sources and also can be synthesized artificially.

Natural zero-calorie sweetener is extracted from stevia leaves and stems. On the other hand, synthetic zero-calorie sweetener can be made from sucrose such as sucralose, aspartame. These sweeteners are regarded as a zero-calorie sweetener as they are not absorbed, depicting that they are not metabolized in the body. Despite various health benefits, the zero-calorie sweetener is undesirable for few due to their sour taste after the swallow, which can be a restraint for the market.

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