Demand for Real-time Control over Complex Automated Processes Boosts Global IoT Connected Machines Market


For a business to run effectively, real-time data tracking, enabling hindrance-free marketing and communication is crucial. IoT connected machines enable process optimization in businesses and offer improved adaptability, traceability, transparency, flexibility, and scalability to systems. Furthermore, IoT connected machines deliver sensor driven analytics to help participants take informed decisions. In addition to these, they allow real time control over complex automated processes. With manufacturers focusing to bring about close convergence in their supply chain, the demand for IoT connected machines is likely to rise in the coming years. Coupled with these, the advent of big data is likely to have a positive impact on the global IoT connected machines market.

IoT Connected Machines Create Environment Conducive to Innovation

IoT connected machines create an environment conducive for innovations and disruptive business models. Deploying these connected devices can help businesses derive benefit from novel growth opportunities. For instance a fully automated value chain entails a novel production logic, in which inventory systems and intelligent machines can exchange and manage data with minimum or no human intervention.

IoT connected machines will grow in popularity as enterprises realize growth opportunities they offer. Several IoT applications can be based on this approach. For instance, connected machines can be used for tracking concerns and monitoring them. They technology is also found very helpful in detecting potential threats early. Furthermore, connected machines can be used to monitor and coordinate movements of various machineries used in agriculture or other mobile objects. These machines can be used to optimize resource consumption. On the downside, stringent regulations on Internet of Things may hinder the market’s growth as well. For instance, the IoT law in New California requires “reasonable security features” in all connected devices either offered for sale or sold in California.

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Some of the most prominent companies operating in the global IoT connected machines market are Dell Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Robert Bosch GmbH, IBM, General Electric Company, Rockwell Automation, Inc., and Honeywell International Inc

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