Demand for Ginger Extract Market to benefit from Growing Body of Clinical Evidence reiterating its Therapeutic Benefits

Ginger extracts are usually obtained from the root of the ginger plant. Ginger has been consumed widely in several parts of the world in various forms for its vast purported medical properties. The extract has made a place in the list of popular dietary condiments. The list of health benefits of ginger is extensive, propelling its demand in a wide spectrum of disease conditions. Various forms of ginger extracts find popular applications in treating motion sickness and mild indigestion. 
The numerous therapeutic benefits ginger possesses can be attributed primarily to the presence of several bioactive compounds, the most important of which is gingerol which confers on it attractive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Along with the growing number of medicinal properties ginger extracts may have, their ease of use and versatility is a key factor underpinning the robust evolution of the market. 
Trends underpinning Rapidly Expanding Demand for Ginger Extracts 
Vast Purported Health Benefits fortify Demand in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
According to an estimate by Transparency Market Research, the potential of the ginger extracts is vast. The demand is expected to rise at a rapid pace over the assessment period of 2017–2027, owing largely to the growing recognition of their medicinal and other health benefits among worldwide population. The rising consumption of ginger extract as nutraceutical and spice is a key factor across the globe is propelling the growth of the market. Their widespread demand for ginger extracts as flavoring agent is accentuating the global revenue earned by the market. The vast uptake of ginger extracts as paste in cooking among urban populations is aiding in the rapid expansion of the market. The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing rapidly rising application of ginger extracts as therapeutic ointments. They are also finding usage in the cosmetics industry. 
Clinical Studies on Promising Benefits of Ginger Extract unlock New, Exciting Avenues 
Several clinical studies being done in various parts of the world to explore the therapeutic benefits of ginger are constantly expanding their application areas. From few recent studies has emerged an assortment of promising benefits of ginger extracts such as in easing the symptoms in osteoarthritis, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving cognitive functions especially in geriatrics. 
The prospect of ginger extract in reducing the effect of diabetes is new but promising development in the market. Few studies indicate the use of ginger extracts as a promising candidate in cancer treatment and management. They have been particularly found useful in treating patients with prostate cancer and as chemopreventive agents. These developments are catalyzing the growth of the market. Moreover, ginger extract oil may be useful in managing cardiovascular problems. 
Use in Treating Cardiovascular Diseases still Emerging Domain 
The advent of exotic ginger extract products is creating new, exciting prospects in the global ginger extracts market. In recent years, there have been few noticeable pilot studies in assessing their role in treating cardiovascular health of individuals. Cardiovascular diseases come with several co-morbid factors, erectile dysfunction (ED) being one of them. A recent study published online on May 26, 2018 in the Journal of Integrative Medicine found that Kaempferia parviflora ethanol extract improved sexual health in middle-aged men suffering with ED. Thus, the researchers believe that the extract may have promising use in promoting sexual health without the side effects of common prescription medicines used for treating ED might have. Such studies will expand the prospects of the market. 
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Advances in Production Technologies bodes well 
The growing production of ginger bodes well for the global market. A major part of global production comes from numerous countries of Asia Pacific such as India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Rapid advancements in production technologies are constantly augmenting the ginger harvest. The demand for organic ginger extracts bereft of any preserving agents is gathering steam in various ginger producing nations. 
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