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Global Beer Packaging Market: Overview

Beer has become one of the most common method to have a good time. Be it any occasion of just a friendly gathering with friends, a bottle of beer is all you need to just enjoy the time. Owing to the growing consumption of beer in formal and informal gatherings, the global beer packaging market is experiencing a major boost in the forecast period of 2018 to 2026. The marketing is also experiencing the growth globally due to the changing lifestyle of people in many countries. Also, rising demand for variety in size and flavor of the beer, the global beer packaging market is experiencing a robust growth in the coming years. 

A report by Transparency Market Research encapsulates various parameters that are influencing the growth of global beer packaging market. It shares insightful information on various facets such as key drivers, major developments, regional dominance, and current trend of the market. 

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Global Beer Packaging Market: Notable Development

The global beer packaging market is highly competitive as a result of presence of many international and regional manufacturers. As per various studies, the market appears largely fragmented among the vendors that are competing in terms of capacity, size, price, volume, technological innovations, and product quality. In order to gain competitive over the rivals, the players are adopting strategies such as mergers, collaborations, and partnerships. Few manufacturers are acquiring various small and medium scale businesses in order to enhance their market presence across various regions around the globe. 

  • In April 2018, Signode Industrial Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd, was acquired by Crown Holdings Inc. The acquisition allowed the Crown Holdings to mark its presence in beer packaging market of the U.S. along with a major production capacity enhancement. 
  • In September 2018, Carlsberg launched its new Snap Pack, aiming to reduce the plastic waste which is approximately 1200 tonnes per year. The Snap Pack is designed to replace plastic wrapping that was traditionally used to wrap Carlsberg’s six packs. 

Some of the prominent players of global beer packaging market are Ball Corporation, Ardagh Group S.A, and Amcor Limited. 

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Global Beer Packaging Market: Key Drivers

The Beer packaging market is directly associated with manufacturing industry. Over the period of time, the changing lifestyle has raised the beer consumption in various part of world. This is allowing beer manufacturers to pace up their production and sales in order to cater this rising demand. Owing to this hiked demand of beer across the globe, the beer packaging market is experiencing a major growth in the forecast period. Secondly, the availability of various options in terms of size, taste, and volume has grown exponentially over the period of time. This in results provides a wide range of options to the beer fans across the globe. Due to these large options, the beer industry is progressing gradually over the period of time, thereby driving the growth of global beer packaging market in the forecast period. 

The rising consumption of craft beer among people across the globe is also one of the prominent reason that is promoting the growth of global beer packaging market. 

Global Beer Packaging Market: Regional Analysis

Geographically, Asia Pacific is likely to witness the highest growth in the beer packaging market. The growth in the region is primarily driven by the changing culture, adoption of western lifestyle, expanding population, and growing urbanization in the region. The rising popularity of the beer in the region over the period of time is also one of the primary reason that is accelerating the growth of beer packaging market in the region. 

Furthermore, a significant growth of the working population in the region and growth in the disposable income is also expected to aid the growth of beer packaging market in Asia Pacific.

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