Customer Electronic Device Segment Holds Prominent Share in High-purity Alumina Market for Lithium-ion Batteries

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High-purity aluminum oxide is also referred to as high-purity alumina. It is derived from aluminum, using various chemical processes. Derived high-purity alumina is, later, categorized into 4N, 5N, and 6N grades. Further, these are used for lithium-ion batteries.

Coating lithium-ion battery separators is the primary application of high-purity alumina. These li-ion batteries with coated separator have varying application in customer electronic devices such as laptops, media players, smart phones, smart wearable devices, and smart speakers.

Recently, lithium-ion batteries are being widely deployed in mobile devices owing to their high stability and compact size. Growing demand for these devices in mobile electronic devices is presenting wide opportunity for growth of the high-purity alumina market for lithium ion batteries.

High-Purity Alumina Coating Enhances Shelf Life of Lithium-ion Battery

Battery separator plays a vital role in enhancing shelf life and safety of the battery. Hence, it accounts for 40% of the entire production cost of a battery.  High-purity alumina coating provides various benefits to the battery such as chemical stability, high thermal stability, and high heat shrink ability.

Besides longer shelf life, the battery has high battery discharge rate and low self-discharge rate.

In fact, high-purity alumina coated lithium-ion batteries are found to be way safer compared to that of conventional batteries. The coated batteries are less flammable and can withstand high temperature incursions.

Aforementioned factors, cumulatively, are widening the growth avenues for the high-purity alumina market for lithium-ion batteries.

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Advent of Electric Vehicle Widens Growth Prospect of High-purity Alumina Market for Lithium-ion Batteries

Lately, demand for lithium-ion batteries is ramping in short duration application such as renewable integration and peak load management.

Electronic segment holds a prominent share in the high-purity alumina market for lithium-ion batteries, followed by automotive segment. Moving forward, automotive sector is estimated to exhibit prominent growth rate on back of advent of electric vehicles. Owing to high-heat resistance and longer service life, lithium-ion batteries are widely deployed in the vehicle.

As a result, alumina market for lithium-ion batteries is about to expand subsequently.

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