Cost Saving Boosts Demand for the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Management Market

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The aim of IT asset disposition management is to get value from assets. With technology life span becoming shorter, companies are increasingly looking to recover optimal returns from their IT waste through a variety of streams; disposal, obsolescence, take back programs, quality control and manufacturing rejects etc.

IT asset disposition (ITAD) as opposed to disposal is completely in line with the Circular Economy thinking of repair and reuse. Therefore, disposing of the company’s obsolete technology asset in a compliant way is not only the right thing to do, but also a cost saving risk management strategy.

As the usage of IT grows across businesses, what are the factors determining growth in the global IT asset management market?

  • There is a rising demand for data and information security for the old assets. Along with, the rising need for environment safety and regulatory compliances are projected the growth of the global IT asset disposition market in the coming years. In addition to this, the rising trend of bring your own devices and the rising adoption of new technology are estimates to support the growth of the global IT asset disposition market in the next few years.
  • Another growth factor for the global IT asset disposition management market, is the regulatory changes worldwide for minimizing the environmental hazards created by e-waste. This has also caused the growing demand for government regulations that will save data while promoting environmental protection.
  • An efficient IT asset disposition market ensures that the overall process is accomplished in a seamless manner that will reduce the cost of logistics. With an ITAD program in place, the whole process involved in gathering, removing, refurbishing, or remarketing of obsolete IT asset disposition market is well coordinated that unnecessary costs are eliminated.
  • Gone are the days when IT asset disposition market was having only an expense factor. With an efficient ITAD market program, there is value to be recovered by disposing obsolete IT infrastructure. At the secondary market, the old computers and other IT equipment still have some value and will fetch some revenue that can be used in bringing in new ones.
  • This is the most important reason to opt for efficient IT asset disposition market. The old assets still have most of the information stored in them and if sent to the secondary market or abandoned in a careless manner can lead to data breach that will cause harm to a company and its associates.
  • Getting rid of obsolete IT asset disposition market and bringing in new ones is not the easiest thing to do. Keeping tab of the entire process can be very hard and things can easily get lost. With an efficient ITAD market program, it is easier to track the inventory and ensure that every single asset is accounted for.
  • The North America market for IT asset disposition is estimated to hold a large share and remain in the leading position in the next few years. A significant rise in the adoption of cloud services is estimated to ensure the growth of this region in the coming years.

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