Coronavirus outbreak: Latest updates around the globe

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The dangerous Coronavirus, now called SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 disease raised its cruel head in China last year. Since then, it spread like a wildfire with serious repercussions felt around the globe. Around 75 countries are affected by the deadly pandemic. Here are some glimpses of the latest developments about the novel coronavirus around the globe.

Coronavirus attacking South Korea at a faster pace

The deadly virus has caught South Korea in its strong clutches with over 5000 positive cases. In addition, 516 new cases and an additional 4 deaths are confirmed today. President Moon Jae-In has declared that the entire country is in a war with the deadly disease. Furthermore, he urged all the government organizations to transform into an “emergency situation room system”.

Facebook to give free ads to the WHO

To squash false claims about the virus, Facebook announced free ads to the WHO for the Coronavirus response. Furthermore, it urged the people to not believe in fake news about the virus.

Unstoppable damage to China, but a slowdown in the infected rate

China already has 80,270 infected people (49,586 recovered). Additionally, China reported 119 infected cases and 38 deaths till Tuesday end according to Government figures. This is a slowdown in the numbers as compared to the last few days.

Hong Kong arranges a charter flight to bring citizens back

Carrie Lam, Chief Executive, Hong Kong announces a special charter flight to bring back 533 Hong Kong residents from Wuhan.

Italy’s panic mode on. Death toll surges

The most affected country in Europe, Italy reports constant day to day increase in the death toll. It rose from 18 to 52 In terms of the death toll in a day. Furthermore, there are 1,835 positive cases across Italy.

Cruise ship passengers face threats from protestors

Fears over Coronavirus instigated the people of the Reunion Islands to protest against the passengers on the Princess Cruise.

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