Compact Film Applicator Market is Driven by the Growing Printing Industry across the Globe

Industry Insights

The compact film applicator is an entry level film applicator that allows charts up to A4 size. Usually, the compact film applicator is used to spread paint, ink, or cosmetics over a substrate such as a drawdown card. Applicators are usually metal bars that are manufactured to high tolerances to give consistent, repeatable results. Usually, when applicators are used manually, there are minute variations related to speed and applied pressure. These variations can affect the quality of the drawdown and thus the measurements of film properties such as abrasion resistance, hiding power, and gloss.

The global compact film applicator market is driven by the growing printing industry across the globe. Moreover, the rising demand for labels from the packaging industry is another factor that is expected to fuel the demand for compact film applicators. Labels used in pharmaceutical and food packaging is generally manufactured by employing inkjet papers. Manufacturers of medicines and food products essentially use inkjet papers to provide information on the composition of salts and nutrient content in drugs and food products. There is a substantially high demand for packaging and labeling in developing countries which is further anticipated to boost the demand for compact film applicators over the coming years. Besides, demand for photographic printing and offset litho printing is also expected to bolster the growth of the compact film applicator market. Significant factors that influence the demand for compact film applicators are reduced downtime, which helps customers expand the visual and functional coding capabilities. However, growing prices of raw materials are likely to impede the market growth of inkjet papers and films. Currently, increasing number of manufacturers are seeking high performance printing and coding equipment, thereby creating significant growth and investment opportunities for players in the compact film applicator market.

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The global compact film applicator market can be segmented based on type, services, distribution channel, enterprise size, application, end-user, and region. By type, the market can be divided into glass bed and vacuum bed. The services segment of the global compact film applicator market comprises installation, maintenance, and support services. The distribution channel segment of the market can be bifurcated into online channel and offline channel. In terms of enterprise size, the global compact film applicator market can be classified into small & medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises. Based on application, the market can be split into paint research & development laboratories, paint production and quality control, raw materials, adhesive manufacturers, battery research & development, and cosmetics. End-users of compact film applicators comprise commercial and industrial sectors. In terms of region, the global compact film applicator market can be split into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Among these, the market in Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a considerable rate due to the growing demand for packaging and printing in Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and China. This demand is due to the rising income level of consumers and availability of inexpensive raw materials in the region. The market in North America is also expected to exhibit promising growth due to the progress of the printing industry in the region. Manufacturers can seek growth opportunities in the growing markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

Major vendors for compact film applicators include Industrial Physics LLC, Gardner Company, Inc, SHEEN B.V., Proinex Instrument. S.R.O, Qualitest International Inc., and H.J. (M) Unkel Sdn. Bhd. Leading players in the market are focusing on the introduction of advanced services in order to strengthen their position and expand their customer base. Companies are extensively investing in R&D operations and are focusing on providing customized services to their customers.

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