Collapsible basket tech to improve drug discovery, personalized medicine

Collapsible basket tech to improve drug discovery, personalized medicine


Drug development is a complex process. This process involves screening of over 10,000 compounds for developing a single FDA approved drug. Moreover, these experiments use multi-well plates, where each well acts as a test tube. However, cell and tissues retrieval from the multi-well plates is a tedious process that consumes a lot of time. The collapsible basket technology, a new path breaking technology is here to improve the process and for less time consumption.

Collapsible basket technology will pace the cell and tissues retrieval process

Researchers of Purdue University have developed an extraordinary technology, the collapsible basket technology to improve the cell and tissue retrieval process. This, in turn, will pace up the process for when scientists develop new medicines or when health specialists search for the perfect drug for a given patient. This technology is not only helpful in terms of speeding up the process but also reduces the errors during tissue and cell transfer. Furthermore, it also increases the throughput value. The increased throughput value can benefit the drug discovery and personalized medicine.

High throughput culture and histological analysis

The collapsible basket technology is designed to overcome obstacles and is reconfigurable for histological analysis and high throughput culture that involves studying the tissue of any related disease. Scientists and doctors commonly use these analyses for examining tumors in the patients having cancer.

Such technologies have the capacity of revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Furthermore, it has the potential of pacing up the ever-evolving drug development and medicine sector as well. This technology has enormous other abilities and we can expect the technology to be explored at a great extent soon.

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