Collaborative Technology Can up Productivity

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Modern day collaborative tools can play a key role in facilitating seamless operations and employee productivity. Of course, simply installing such tools is not a cure for all the cultural challenges. But, nevertheless, it is a crucial step for managing a distributed workforce.

And there is no dearth of such collaboration technologies in the market. Some such popular ones include BlueJeans and Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Video, Lifesize and Polycon, and others.

Different Ways in Which Collaborative Tools can be Used

But how can organizations use such collaboration tools to enhance performance in the workplace?

Well, here are two useful solutions:

First, they can integrate business processes with collaboration technologies. For instance, if the organization has deployed a new collaborative solution such as video conferencing, it should ensure its proper utilization too. In fact, many entities actively encourage employees to adopt video conferencing. They feel it’s much better than dialing into a meeting with phones. This is because video conferencing improves engagement during meetings.

Second, such tools can also be leveraged to foster real-time collaboration between employees. For example, one large organization decided to use such a tool to involve employees in a game. This expanded its corporate social network to 240, 000 users. The users comprised of employees and even customers and partners. The game involved light activities in which employees were awarded points for accomplishing certain tasks. All these resulted in a 21 percent increase in collaborative activity. This is turn positively impacted business outcomes.

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