Chrome Extensions will have to Follow this New Policy, or Skadoosh!

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Remember Google CEO Sundar Pitchai’s long-drawn submission to the U.S. Congress over data security? Well! True or not, but it seems to have had some impact. Google, which developed the famous browser, Chrome, is now rolling out new policy for its extensions to ensure data security.

While Chrome allow users several privacy settings like blocking ads and VPNs, it has missed out on securing data provided to extensions. In many cases, the extensions gather data without seeking permission, and Google wants to stop this. Hence, this policy.

Based on reports, the new policy will come into effect the end of this year, and those extension that do not abide, will be removed from the Playstore. Not just that, they will no longer exist on the user’s desktop.

Extensions can Only Seek Data they Need 

The new policy allows extensions to seek data that an applications needs. For instance, the more controversial data that often bothers people, is the need to access location. Google will allow an application to seek user’s location data only of if is mandatory for the application to function

As a result, the new policy also demands every service provider to publish a detailed privacy policy. This policy should explain why the application is seeking the data and how it is used. This will help the user carefully decide whether or not to opt for providing this information. 

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